Other activities

Archery / Precision shooting

Our other activities include a family friendly non-aggressive Archery, Skill dependent airsoft / air pistol speed shooting and Precision shooting with Air rifle.

Air rifle range

Air rifle target practice
  • unlimited range time(depending on availability)

Introduction to IPAS(iron plate action shooting)

Iron plate action shooting or I.P.A.S, is the action shooting discipline, designed specifically for the multi shot Co2 and Air cartridge pistols and is a different form of “speed shooting”.

IPAS is good for wanting to shoot rapid fire pistol within limited space and with range equipment that’s easy to construct, set up and clear away/store, it also is appealing to the phyiscaly disabled as there is no movement required other than to draw the pistol.

Each stage is shot 5 times with the slowest of the times being discarded, the remaining four are then added together to give you a total time for the stage, this is your score. It’s fast, it’s furious and most of all, it’s fun. The discipline relies on two basic principles: accuracy and speed

Pistols and Ammunition

The following pistols are allowed in practice/open matches:
Multi-shot Co2/PCP Air pistols (min 5 shots). This includes higher powered 6mm/4.5mm BB pistols such as the KJ Works KP06 and Tanfoglio Witness 1911 using Co2 mags only. Pistols of this type need to meet the requirements regarding ammunition. See the Ammunition section in these rules.


The following pistols are not allowed: Single shot.
The ammunition allowed is standard lead-based air pellets; no steel based pellets or BB’s are permitted. This is to ensure that the pellet is destroyed on impact with the steel plate.

Stages and Targets

Stages comprise of targets placed at various distances and angles. There are currently 20 official IPAS stages that can be used.

The targets are metal plates, the following sizes and quantity’s are used for IPAS:

  • a) 10” x 10” Squares
  • b) 12” x 12” Squares
  • c) 12” x 18” Rectangles.

Each plate is mounted on a 2-inch square long post, held upright in a suitable base, the posts being of various heights: from 18” to 66” in 6” increments allowing for a vast number of stages. All plates are painted white or grey, apart from the”Stop plate” which is blue or red and mounted on its respective post via a metal threaded stud affixed to the rear surface of the plate, alternately a bolt through the centre of the plate (offset on the rectangular plates)


Other than the pistol, the main equipment is the holster. All holsters must be mounted in the vicinity of the strong side hip, at waist level. All holsters must retain the pistol. Triggers may not be fully exposed with any holster.

No camouflage or paramilitary style clothing or clothing with offensive slogans to be worn.


Each course of fire will consist of between two and five plates, (one of which will be a “stop plate”), competitors are started by a shot timer’s “beep” ,which will record the last shot fired by the competitor. The plate distances will vary between a minimum of 5m and a maximum of 18m from the designated shooting box. Plate angles will also vary depending on the course of fire and range space limitations.
Unless specified in the course briefing all primary plates may be engaged in any order (the stop plate is always engaged last). The competitor may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary to complete the course of fire.

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