Players area at Blades and Triggers Boksburg

Players area at Blades and Triggers Boksburg

Plenty of sitting space, and a viewing deck where you can relax or watch the kids have fun. We have a fully catered kitchen that is ready to cater for your needs or for your birthday party. Toilets or showers are also available for use.

Speed ball fields at Blades and Triggers Boksburg

Speed ball fields at Blades and Triggers Boksburg

We have 3-man and 5-man fields, both either astro turf or grass. All fields have inflatable bunkers, perfect for taking paintball from just fun and laughter to sweat and tears. Take paintball to the next level by playing Speed ball. call Mike for more info or Contact us.

Rec ball field at Blades and Triggers Boksburg

Paintball fields for ‘Rec ball’

This field offers fast paced games, you see them, they see you. no time for hiding! YOU WILL GET SHOT IN THIS FIELD. Perfect for warm up games and even more better for Pee Wee games. Our rec-ball field is big/small enough to host 2-30 players at a time.

‘Mogadishu’, CQC/CQB field at Blades and Triggers Boksburg

Scatterd  buildings and wrecked cars. Perfect for tactical, milsim and scenario paintball games. Slow paced games where surprises lurk at every corner. This field is a magfed warrior heaven. Perfect for limited paint games and allows for a lot of pre-planning to accomplish the mission. Games range from escort VIP, capture the flag, and more.

Need more info?

We always tailor all corporate and team building events to meet your exact needs so please dont hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you might have.