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From the Boardroom to the Battlefield!

Welcome to Blades & Triggers Corporate Team Building Adventure

Just about anyone can remember a time when they played “cowboys and indians” or “cops and robbers”, and ran around with friends and neighbors until everyone was breathless with exhilaration of the game. That was part of our childhood that we will always remember fondly. Paintball team building is an adult version of those childhood games that taught us how to be a team, to work with others and to build friendships that lasted forever.

Equipped with the latest in paintball safety gear, paintball marker technology and custom paintball manufacture, paintball is one of the safest action sports in the world. Paintball is regularly enjoyed by players as young as 10 (including girls)

Blades & Triggers use a low-powered paintball marker, specially formulated environmentally friendly 100% washable paintballs, full protective head gear, chest protectors, full jumpsuits and a light-hearted yet professional referee staff. With team building and camaraderie being the rule of the day, our paintball team building program lends itself naturally to enhance leadership, cohesion and one of the best team alliance exercises our clients have experienced.

Paintball is a sport where men and women compete on equal terms; a sport that allows players to play competitively regardless of their physical size, strength or athletic skill. Rather, it is the ability to think fast and decisively, while communicating and working with teammates, that creates a winning team.

Our facility is perfect for your organization’s next team building event or product launch. We have a fully stocked canteen and special catering can be done upon request. We cater for small or large groups, to any budget.

Paintball Team Building Packages

We strive to tailor each event to the needs of our clients. There are various additional options that each group can choose from, but every group will receive the following team building package:

  • Use of all the facilities, tables, chairs, VIP area, Canteen, Restrooms and Playing fields.
  • Full equipment rental including paintball marker, air tank, paintball loader, chest protector and full protective head gear, 200 Paintballs per player
  • Overalls
  • Referee staff

Additional Options Include

  • Food and beverage packages ranging from hot dogs with a soft drink/coffee to fully catered meals
  • Exclusive use of the venue – ie the venue will be closed non members of your group for the day.
  • Photographs of your event and a 60 sec video clip of the event, which can be emailed to family and friends
  • And much more!

Need more info?

We always tailor all corporate and team building events to meet your exact needs so please dont hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you might have.